Monday, March 26, 2012

who am i kidding...

Trying to learn how to format a blog for me is a joke. I have never had any form of diagnosed ADD but when it comes to html and formatting my eyes wander to the bookmark bar and my alter ego clicks on Pinterest or Facebook and sprucing up this blog goes to the wayside. Maybe I will just pick a default theme and say forget it! 

Hank is sleeping on the couch and I am surfing the internet, trying to stay away until Brent comes home. I just had a tick crawling on my leg which Brent assures me is one of the "joys of living in the country" ... I'm not so sure that I agree. I grew up in the country and rarely had ticks on my leg hours after being outside and showering. It would be one thing if it was attached, but I have been sitting in the same place for at least an hour and it started crawling up my ankle. Clearly from the floor and definitely from Hank. (He picks up his head and wags his tail) 

Corn planting is over for this year, next up on the agenda is turkey season, planting peanuts, and cutting wheat. Basically that means we are busy until the middle of June. YAY! Then we might get a few weeks off until it's time to harvest the corn, cotton, peanuts, and soybeans. Whew. That's the farming life for ya! 

Since we are trying to live on a 'budget' I fished through the fridge and pantry to make supper tonight. The end result was something like a pizza casserole and Brent LOVED it! Apparently my cooking has gotten better over the years he says. In the pizza casserole went: italian sausage, pepperoni, a jar of pizza sauce, can of cream of mushroom, italian seasoning, rigatoni pasta, and a 6 cheese italian blend. I do have to say it was delish. My MIL has a real recipe for Pizza Casserole. I will get it tomorrow at work and post it. 

LOVE - xox

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  1. Can you post the recipe for the Pizza Casserole?