Tuesday, January 10, 2012

welcome 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Last year was full of many events, both good and bad. Our family lost some treasured women, my brother lost his home in a flood, Brent and I built a house and got married, many of our friends also got married and some had children.. I can only imagine what this year will hold for us! I already know of a few weddings and babies!

As for New Year's resolutions, as usual, lose weight, save money, etc etc. Brent's Mom and I have started trying to lose weight together. Our goal is 20 pounds in 13 weeks. We are weighing in every Monday and holding each other accountable. I can already feel the pounds melting away. (I wish!) I have been eating less and exercising more for a few weeks already and lost about 4 pounds so with the added 20+, I would like to lose a total of 25. That would put me back to my weight when I was 19! Sounds good right? I'll track my progress on here with you guys!

Life on the farm is very quiet right now, thankfully. Brent is away at a marketing conference in Litchfield for the week so I am holding down the homefront. I think tomorrow I am finally going to the Social Security office to change my name and then go get my SC driver's license! I wonder if they can fit my whole name on my license? If not I will just put 'Carson Clark Cogdill' and leave out the Amanda.

This weekend I am heading to Raleigh for a get together with my college girlfriends. It is hard for all of us to plan a time to get together so these don't come around very often! Unfortunately I have obligations at home so I can only participate in half of the activities but will still get to spend some time and catch up with everyone. Hopefully I can stick to my healthy eating while I am away. Brent has already asked me to bring home Smithfields when I come through Lumberton on Saturday. I will just have to resist eating all of the hushpuppies and drinking a massive sweet tea....

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  1. My name is: Ashley Marie Gulke Leavitt
    Marie Gulke being my middle name. It's super long, I've decided. But I like it.

    I'm fairly certain there were people who thought it was crazy that I kept my old name in there.